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Catwoman vs Black Canary 

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S.E Hawkins
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm a writter,I love writing and have a waaaaaay to active imaginatiooooon. Though I try drawing and sketching...... key word is try
I love to bend the written word to my will, write what I see. hope to one day write and or direct/ produce movies or television. I like chilling out with my friends, watching movies and listening to music oh and reading, loooove reading.

Music:LOVE IT!!!!!!
Mottos: Suck it up and deal with it" "You try you fail, you try, you fail, the only true failure is when you stop trying."
Quote: "I don't do hugs"

I also write song lyrics when inspired.

A/N: You just answer each question, the questions go hand and hand to the zodiac’s personality. 

What or who is your inspiration? Music, my friends, life really. I take inspiration from almost anywhere and from a lot of people.
Do you often have a short-temper?  >> Yup.
Do you often have days where you either hot or cold with anybody, not in-between? Yeeeeep, there are just days where I either like you or you don't exist.

What’s something you have a very strong opinion about? How long you got? There's quite a many things I have a very strong opinion about, ask more specifically and I might answer.
Would people consider you to be materialistic? I don't know,I'm usually content with what I got but ya know :shrug:
Is it hard for you to accept change? Kinda depends, I usually go with the flow soooo .....

What would someone have to do in order to catch your attention? That depends on what this means by 'catch attention' Like just any day kind of thing? Then if we're talking you've got it until I find something else more interesting. If we're talking romance then... I have a type apparently so yeah...
Do you often feel at war with two different aspects of yourself? Not often no, I'm kinda a set and stubborn person.
Would people consider you to be flighty? Probably not, when I say I'm doing something it's going to happen one way or another.

What gets you emotional? Not a lot. A good story can, Certain circumstances can that I will not go into detail about but the only time I'm ever really emotional is when the bitch Aunt Flo decides to make her monthly visit :grump:
Are you family orientated in everything you do? In everything? Not so much but am I family oriented? Hell yes, I like how close my family can be and I take into account their opinions, whether or not I listen to them is another story.
Do you feel the need to be needed? Sometimes.

What are you best at? Sarcasm among other things~
Do people often assume you’re pretentious? I dun know, probably not unless I'm going off on one of those subjects I'm really passionate about.
Do you hate being alone? Not really.

Name an interesting fact about yourself. I have a naturally slight split tongue.
Do you often over analyze simple situations? Sometimes >>
Are you often skeptical? Oh, Oh yes.

How far would you go to make someone feel better? Depends on the person and the situation. But generally for the people I care about I'd go to the ends of the earth if I thought it'd cheer them up.
Do others consider you to be stuck up? Not to my knowledge.
Do you often try to find common ground when in a political debate? Depends on how heated the debate is. If I think I'm right I will argue until the sun goes down but if things start taking a hostile turn I like to try and keep the peace.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes and no. Will I explain further? Weelll I believe in lust at first sight but I also believe that out there is someone who compliments us so soulmate theory.
Would you often call yourself a moody person? Depends~

What’s your biggest goal in life? To be happy. 
Are you often humorous? Ye!
Would you like to go on many adventures? :la: YEEESSS

Are you someone who trusts easily? Hell NO
Are you self-sufficient? Yeah.
Do you often conceal yourself from the world around you? Sometimes.

How loyal are you to other people? I am extremely loyal to the people I care about.
Do you come across as cold and aloof at times? Probably?
Do you often think about the complexities of life? Not really, I'm more of a here and now kinda person>>

Do you hide how you feel or do you speak your mind? Depends but for the most part I will speak my mind!
Have you ever given it your all just to have someone walk away from your life? Yes, and I've given my all and walked away from someone's life as well... we meet for a reason, a season or a lifetime.
Do you have any skills or interests in the arts? DUH!

About You:
What sign are you? Aries~
What sign is your best friend? No idea :dummy:
What sign is the person you like/significant other? Scorpio >>
Do you believe in astrology? Certain bits yeah.

  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Halsey
  • Reading: maybe something
  • Watching: stuuuf~
  • Playing: Batman!!
  • Eating: food
  • Drinking: water~


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