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S.E Hawkins
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm a writter,I love writing and have a waaaaaay to active imaginatiooooon. Though I try drawing and sketching...... key word is try
I love to bend the written word to my will, write what I see. hope to one day write and or direct/ produce movies or television. I like chilling out with my friends, watching movies and listening to music oh and reading, loooove reading.

Music:LOVE IT!!!!!!
Mottos: Suck it up and deal with it" "You try you fail, you try, you fail, the only true failure is when you stop trying."
Quote: "I don't do hugs"

I also write song lyrics when inspired.
I'm bringing this back~ Let's see what answers have changed and what answers have changed and who's grown. 

Click to add textRules
1. Choose 4 of your OCs.
2. Make your OCs answer these questions.
3. Tag 4 other people (if you have less its ok)

For this I shall choose Keira Black, Rowan Black McCall, Jason Black McCall, and Shane  Orrick Black.

1) What's your theme song?


2) Have any kids?

Keira: Twin daughters, couple of god kids and a few grand kids. 

Rowan: Not right now, maybe one day if Ruby wants to, right now I'm content where I'm at.

Jason: Dear gods I hope not, though it wouldn't surprise me....

Shane: Ha! Nooope~

3) Favorite Food and drink?
Keira: Steak, tea...rum on occasion maybe.
Rowan: I'm not picky I'll eat most things as for drink water or tea for me thanks.
Jason: STEAK!!! And beer. 
Shane: Pizza but I do love me some tacos too~ Oh and tea, Vodka or rum.

4) Kill anyone?
Keira: ....yes, next question.
Rowan: Only in combat.
Jason: Only in combat.
Shane: Hell no!

5) Hate anyone?
Keira: Hate's a strong word... severely dislike yep~
Rowan: Hate? No dun think so.
Jason: Maybe~
Shane: Nah~

6) Have any secrets?
Keira: Plenty~ 
Rowan: I'm a fairly open book.
Jason: Yes~
Shane: Quite a few, will I tell? Nope~

7) Love anyone?
Keira: Romantically? ....yes. Family wise, I love my family even if I do want to kill 'em~
Rowan: With all I've got and lucky for me Ruby said yes to my proposal.
Jason: My family! I don't do relationships.
Shane: .... I love love! Anyone in particular, not looking to settle down yet~

8) Who's your best friend? 

Keira: I've got a few left alive... Snowy...Sam Orrick....
Rowan: Jay West, my fiance Ruby, my brother Jason...sometimes...
Jason: Jacob Sparks! and my bro Rowan 
Shane: My twin Paige.... 

9) Species? 
Keira: Wolven. 
Rowan: Wolven
Jason: Wolven!!
Shane: Human...Magi/Witch, whichever helps you sleep at night.

10) Any Siblings?
Keira: My twin sister Selene.
Rowan: Identical twin brother Jason.
Jason: Older twin bro Rowan~
Shane: Twin sister Paige.

11) Would you kill yourself to save the one you love?

Keira: If I could die? If she could die? Then duh... there's no question about it.
Rowan: No question, yes.
Jason:....I'd like to think so.
Shane: yes.

12) What are your powers?
Keira: I've got a lot... magic, I'm a Wolven so yeah... shadows... best not ask really~
Rowan: Storm magic I guess...I'm also a Wolven so...
Jason: Water magic! Oh and I'm a Wolven~
Shane: Some basic magics... maaybe possibly teleportation, or is it speed?~

I tag.... :iconzedsanji: :iconkitsuguardian: :iconvindictive-corpse:  :iconimmortalachaos: 
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Lacuna Coil
  • Reading: maybe something
  • Watching: stuuuf~
  • Playing: Batman!!
  • Eating: food
  • Drinking: water~


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